The total fees a medical school shall pay for the whole Accreditation process is /53,000/$ (Fifty-Three Thousands US dollars) which cover:

1) Accreditation Fees
    *Accreditation Fee is Subject to change on a yearly Basis and subject to % VAT

2) Logistics Fees

a) For Briefing (Within 2 months from Application) – 2 days – 3 TEPDAD Examiners
b) For Site Visit (Within 1 year from Application)- 5 days – 5 TEPDAD Examiners
c) (Variable) – For Site Visit (In Case Conditional Acceptance Granted -Within 1 year and a half from Application) -2 days – 2 TEPDAD Examiners
d) Interim Review (After 3 years if Full Accreditation Granted) – 2 days – 2 TEPDAD Examiners
e) Total number of examiners per accreditation / 8 – 10 examiners over 3 visits

**Logistics per person Includes:

  • Round-trip Airfare (Economy Seat) between Turkey/Lebanon

  • Hotel for 4-5 nights / visit

  • Transportation (Airport, Local)

  • Food (3 meals per day)

3) Honorarium Fees

    Fees paid to examiners throughout all the Accreditation Process. 

4) Consultation/Pre Assessment Fee

     Consultation services for assisting thoroughly medical school in its Internal Self-Review in order to    

     generate the final Self-Review Report.

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