To whom it may concern

The Ministry of Public Health hereby recognizes the Lebanese American Medical Association (LAMA) as an academic training organization that provides the Lebanese Healthcare system in general and Medical Society in particular the opportunity of improving their learning experience.

LAMA is also recognized in helping Lebanese Medical Schools in their academic and clinical accreditation process with WFME accredited agencies as well as organizing board review courses and U.S clinical rotations for Lebanese Medical students/Residents and continuous medical education workshops for Lebanese physicians for the purpose of improving healthcare delivery and awareness among the medical communities in Lebanon.

LAMA is authorized by the Ministry of Public Health to audit universities hospitals as clinical training settings for medical students and residents.

LAMA and according to its exclusive agreement with TEPDAD (WFME Certified Agency) is committed to serving the accreditation needs of medical schools (and their teaching hospitals) whenever possible, using the right resources and facilities for the purpose of meeting the standards of medical education programs at those universities hospitals.

© 2014 Lebanese American Medical Association.

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