The first 3 interviews went very well overall. The first was Internal medicine in Staten Island university hospital: it was very brief yet very promising because the program is friendly with the Lebanese university. The second was university of Tennessee in Memphis: the resident and a faculty interview was very well, the program director was kind of neutral. The third interview was in university of Florida Jacksonville; the interview was very well and impressed many faculties and the program director. I still have 3 more in December and 3 more in January.

Tony J. (Lebanese University – Pathology Resident)

I applied to the match and got 3 interviews so far, I am really interested in St. Joseph Paterson Hospital. I thought I can ask you if there is something you can do to increase my chances to get an interview in this hospital or any other hospital. I will be grateful. Hope to hear from you soon.

Munder A.A. (MD)

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