LAMA Competition Winner

– Marc Ralph Aoude
– Saint Joseph University
– Beirut
– 6th Medical Year
– Graduation year 2023

Hello, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Marc Aoude, and I am a Med III student at Saint Joseph University of Beirut. I am currently completing my clinical rotations at the Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital.

Like most of the Lebanese youth, particularly the medical students, I am investing my time and energy to reach my career goals to manifest a bright future. During my time, I inquired on ways to develop myself and my career path. I came across a few of senior students, where one of them shared his experience of a clerkship he accomplished in the US. This clerkship was a service from the Lebanese American Medical Association – LAMA. The student was kind enough to share with me his satisfaction regarding the professional work executed. This encouraged me to ask more about LAMA. I search on social media platforms and manage to attend several Zoom meetings that had been organized. My attention was caught. LAMA provided us with a spectrum of key information regarding the road to US residency and their tailored way of accomplishing this route.

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a competition settled by LAMA on Instagram. Without hesitation, I participated and entered the draw to secure a free medical rotation in the US along with a visa assistance and a malpractice insurance. At that time, I had told my close friends that I have a gut feeling about grasping that priceless win, and I was not in the wrong.

On New Year’s Eve, while I was wishing my beloved ones some warm thoughts via WhatsApp, I spotted an Instagram notification. My enthusiasm was sparkling as I had remembered that the competition draw was to take place at that night. While scrolling in the notification bar, my heart was thumping heavily. The statement “LAMA mentioned you in their story” appeared. This is when I burst with joy. I realized that I won, and my happiness was indescribable.

This memorable feeling and scene will have a great place in my heart. I had hit a milestone.

All I could think of was that I should never lose hope no matter the circumstances, and that achieving dreams is possible against all odds. This enlightened a passion in me where I truly encourage all Lebanese youth to keep trying.

Staying committed and having faith in one’s efforts will not go to waste as one can never know when his or her life can change. New opportunities are always present, it is crucial to be ambitious and to begin a new year with a new mindset.

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