Road to Residency Testimonials

2014 Pre-Matched Applicant

This is to tell you that I have PRE-MATCHED at the PATHOLOGY Residency Program, Albany Medical College, NY. I would like to thank you formally for all your help and support during this journey. I would specifically like to thank Dr. Saade for his friendly and professional support during this season. I am really proud that you have been by my side during this period.

Tony J. (LU – Pre-matched Pathology Albany Medical College, NY)

Medical Lab Rotation

Everything in my flight was very well organized. The medical assistance and cooperation of Dr. Jawad Saade was perfect and professional he offered his help in every single detail. The overall experience was great and your help LAMA is very appreciated.

Boutros Y. (Lebanese University)

I would like to describe briefly my experience till now in the road to residency. First of all the environment is really relaxing calm and extremely well equipped. The sessions are really personalized and everything appeared to be tailored to my level of knowledge of the procedure and my questions and expectation. I really enjoyed your very smart advices for example visiting the program one day later for shadowing, or the idea of selling myself shortly during the interview as my main objective, and the idea of visiting some attending here in Lebanon to ask them about some advices and maybe connections and what to take with me during this visit. I was really happy also when you offered your support during my stay in the states. This really proved that AMC and LAMA are not only work oriented associations but also have humanitarian and friendly sides. This is a real complete package. No false hopes. No fake expectations. It is a realistic experience but at the same time very encouraging and caring. I am really lucky that I have met you all, not to forget Dr Harb and Miss Nazek.

Tony J. (Lebanese University – Pathology Resident)

First of all, I would like to really thank you all for your efforts in helping us. I find it is vital to attend such conferences to get the right information especially in our country where rumors spread easily and trusting each other becomes questionable. Statistics and numbers were the cornerstone of this program. Moreover, you have made the process much easier by implementing in our mind the big picture and by going through the critical details.

Nadim E.K. (USJ)

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