It was a good experience, I was very satisfied. USMLE Step 1 is highly recommended with LAMA!

Gergis A. (USEK)

It was good and the important information I needed for my exam was covered through LAMA recordings and material. I Recommend LAMA Service for USMLE Step 1.

Marly Abou J. (USEK)

All in all you guys were really helpful. You gave me valuable information that I did not know before (when to apply, how to apply, why do the exam soon etc…). Regarding the lectures, they were excellent in a sense where they included literally everything we need to know for the STEP 1 exam. So all in all I found that LAMA had a perfect orientation for the students; and I loved you guys, other than being amazing people you were extremely helpful. Thank you Nazek.

Dany D. (UOB)

It was a great experience. I recommend it for all medical students! Thank you.

Krystel A. (USJ)

Very Flexible course that takes into consideration the student’s Schedule and time constraints. Organized by subject and very thorough.

Hanaa A. (AUB)

I took USMLE Step 1 Course for 6 weeks with lectures given 6 days a week by board certified physicians. I passed my exam, and I am now studying for USMLE Step 2 CK and CS. I would like to thank LAMA family because if I didn’t join them, I wouldn’t have taken any exam. LAMA paves your way which would not be that easy to pass during this long journey.

Adam M. (BAU)

I am a BAU medical student and I took the LAMA step one course in summer of 2014. My experience in LAMA was very pleasant on several levels. For one thing, the education was very good concerning the material and the professors giving the lectures. Moreover LAMA isn’t only a business, Dr. Harb really cares for the student and I’m sure he will help any medical student in any way he can.

Mohammad L. (BAU)

As for the 5 weeks course, to me it was not beneficial at all honestly speaking. I studied all the material by myself after the course and it took me about 1 year to do the exam. Now my only hope is to get the chance for having the 2 months clerkship at the states. Finally I like to say that LAMA is a very cooperative foundation and tries to help everyone.

Mohammad A. (LU)

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