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On-campus housing at Southampton was good and the room was very clean.

Michel F. (Balamand)


Thank you for your support and great service. I’m lucky I am dealing with LAMA. Loads of thanks.

Yehya.K. (BAU)


The place is fully equipped with what we could need. Located in a very safe area and 2o minutes away from Dr. Saba’s. The landlord is very nice, very helpful. she always asks if we need to go to the grocery and if we are fine and always offers her help.

Farah B.H. (BAU Graduate) and Emilia C. (USJ Graduate)


The residence in this neighborhood is awesome. I am only 5 minutes’ walk away from the hospital and the area is calm, safe and close to the metro station.

Wissam R. (BAU Graduate)


The housing is good, room with one bed and large desk, kitchen with all its equipment, washing machine, and a dryer. All what you need for your daily life.

Boutros Y. (LU)


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