U.S. Clinical Rotation Testimonials


MetroSouth Medical Center – Chicago, IL

My experience with LAMA was unusual to say the least. LAMA helped me get an elective in emergency medicine and with the VISA process, like they do with all the students that approach them. To my surprise, LAMA represented by Ms. Nsouli sends weekly emails to check on how the students are adjusting. I received my first email during one of my ER shifts in a hospital I didn’t like and didn’t feel safe at. I made sure to sound my concerns in my email and within few hours, I received an email from LAMA as well as the AMC headquarters in the States, both attending to my concerns. I was given another elective and moved to a nearby hotel within few days. I was moved to a bigger, busier, and a more equipped ED, where I had a much better learning experience. LAMA proved they do really care about the students and their well-being. They made my experience worthwhile!
Thank you Ms. Nsouli with everything.

Mohamad C. (AUB)

Georgetown University Hospital, DC

Thanks for your emails Nazek. Things are going very well we are really enjoying this Pediatrics rotation. LAMA, we greatly appreciate your help and our experience with you was fantastic. You are very professional and we are very pleased with our month in DC. So we definitely recommend LAMA for rotations.

Marielle S. & Romy Y. (UOB)

On both Rotations I was able to examine and take the history of several outpatient cases which really improved my clinical skills and helped me in my board exam . In addition , following up during each week was really important because it shows that there was full support from Ms. Nsouli which is an important contribution. Both Doctors were excellent teachers and excellent physicians they helped me to enrich my clinical experience as much as possible .Thank you for everything.

Ahmad N. (LAU)

Norwegian American Hospital, Chicago

I think that LAMA is one of the leading companies that guide IMGs towards the success in US residency matching programs.
I went for another 2 rotations with LAMA where I noticed a big difference from my previous experience with “Americlerkship”. LAMA staff 1st sit with you, discuss your future plans and afterwards they maximize their efforts trying to help you. LAMA provided me with many choices concerning my rotations, hospital addresses and specialties & I chose between them. They also offered a housing service (which made me feel pretty comfortable).
Doctors their also were waiting for me, and they were very friendly and helpful too..
I would like to thank LAMA staff for this great experience.

Tarek A. (BAU)

Southampton Hospital, NY

I had really a good experience that i never regret. I’ve learned a lot in a wonderful teaching system.

Eva K. (LU)

Hey nazek i had a wonderful experience, highly didactic, amazing people that helped me expanding my medical knowledge. I had the chance to get a great exposure to the American medical system, a must to be prepared for American residency, thanks to LAMA. I definitely recommend this hospital i had a blast here.. i actually wish i could expend mine for couple of weeks !
Thank you Ms. Nsouli being a great support during this journey, and to LAMA who made it possible

Elie F. (LU)

It is a pleasure to me take my rotation in the US with LAMA. I will never regret, and i will absolutely recommend this rotation for anyone.
This hands-on experience was far beyond expectations, we were exposed to the US healthcare system and variety of interesting medical cases as well as the teaching lectures and outstanding program.

Alexander Y. (LU)

My hands-on US clinical rotation was a really nice experience, I enjoyed the rounds and the didactic lectures. The staff and the DME are very friendly and ready to help. LAMA was really helpful and supporting from the moment I decided to apply for electives. Special thanks for Mrs Nsouli for your continuous assistance and follow up.

Emilia El – H(LU)

I heard about LAMA from my friends. When i was having a difficulty finding a contract on my own, i decided to apply through LAMA. I got the contract in less than a month, the procedure was very fast, easy and smooth. I recommend LAMA for all of those who are applying for clerkships in the US, hands-on experience guaranteed.
Ms. Nsouli followed up with me every week to see if all was going well. I had no problems, it was a great month and totally worth it.

Roba G. (USJ)

Today i had my exit interview, and everything went very well. As for the LAMA experience, you helped me to get the rotation, and made the entire procedure easier to me. So, thank you for your efforts Nazek. Thank you so much.

Lamis A. (USJ)

My rotation at Southampton hospital was amazing : i was on a great team, worked with extraordinary residents and doctors. Enjoyed the morning rounds, lectures and didactics . I got the chance to have a hands-on US clinical experience with direct patient contact. The hospital housing was very convenient and very close to the hospital.
Thank you LAMA staff, particularly Mrs Nsouli, for the assistance in choosing my rotation, visa, housing, and the weekly follow ups. I highly recommend LAMA rotations for students and graduates.

Rami W. (USJ)

I really enjoyed my OB/Gyn rotation in Southampton. I got to work with many attendings both at the clinics and the hospital. Plus, I gained a lot of hands-on experience. Thank you for this opportunity.

Sarah. N. (USJ)

I recommend LAMA to the medical students who are looking for medical electives in IMG friendly hospitals. LAMA team helped me with the process of the visa application and interview. LAMA also guides you through the documents required by the hospitals and malpractice insurance. LAMA also follows you on weekly basis through e-mails. I have done OBGYN electives at Southampton Hospital and Providence Hospital. The patient exposure was good and hands on experience in Southampton hospital. Providence Hospital, you will be working with larger number of students. The medical staff overall is very friendly and always ready to teach you..

Gemana Kh. (LAU)

My rotation in general was very good. I’m satisfied. The doctors, residents and students are very nice and friendly, I was comfortable working with them and I got a very good evaluation.
I would like to thank LAMA for this beautiful and unforgettable experience. You made every step easier and of course I will recommend your services to other medical students.

Christelle R. (USEK)

Southampton Hospital was one of my best experiences. The staff there is welcoming, kind and professional. Thank you LAMA.

Wassim A. (USJ)

Southampton Hospital experience was so amazing, It was totally hand-on elective where you will be on responsible for 3 patients per day; you have to know everything about them from the time of admission till the current day and then you have to present them and discuss these cases with an attending who will evaluate your work and put grades. in addition you are supposed to insert IVs, do injections SC/IM, put Foley cath and do ABGs and EKG on patients. At the end of the rotation, you have an interview with the program director. Personally, I have enjoyed it, eveyone is so nice, cooperative, they work in coordinated teams and you will be involved in all the activities of the Hospital. The rotation was beyond my expectations… Thank you all, Nazek, Dr. Saade and Dr. Cannon.

Mahmoud E.I. (BAU)

I’ve arrived to Southampton Hospital. I have received the keys for the Annex building. Today was my first day I had my orientation. People here are so kind and helpful. I’ve made a lot of friends. Hospital staff are very friendly and I am enjoying my stay so far.
My special thank for both of you Nazek and Dr. Saade. I will keep you posted.

Mahmoud E.I. (BAU)

I had great experience of OBGYN over two months at Southampton hospital. I had good exposure at the hospital (OB ward and GYN surgeries ) and clinic. My schedule would be one (to two) 24 hours shifts at the hospital per week and one day at the clinic per week. I had some shifts on weekends too. I worked with 6 different physicians. However, I had learned the most from Dr. Segarra and Dr. Rolston. The hospital also provided the students with lectures in general medicine and many simulation labs to practice bedside procedures. I was able to perform some procedures on patients and mannequins. The medical staff (residents, nurses, and doctors) were very nice and welcoming. There were family medicine residents rotating in OBGYN. The hospital housing was very convenient and on building just next to the hospital. The town of Southampton is very small and has nice summer weather, but it has little touristic destinations and public transportation. New York city is around two hours away. I want to thank LAMA and especially Mrs. Nsouli, who was very reachable at all times and kept in routine weekly contact.

Gemana. Kh. (LAU)

I was impressed with the professional service Dr. Harb, Dr. Saade and LAMA team provided. They listen carefully and respond to questions immediately. I attended 7 weeks at Southampton Hospital, NY. My rotation was very beneficial, I learned a lot. Hospital staff were very friendly and I enjoyed it. LAMA appreciates Medical Students and I recommend LAMA rotations for all students. Thank you LAMA for everything.

Hussein T. (BAU)

Undergoing U.S. Clinical Rotation in ID at Southampton was very friendly and taught me a lot.

Michel F. (Balamand)

• Everything was good, staff were friendly and cooperative, I passed by the blood bank department, it was really very very good. Southampton was a very good and interesting and education experience for medical lab rotation.

Mouhamad S.A. (BAU)

The rotation has been good. Everything is going great. The medical team is very cooperative and welcomes any questions during rounds.
Southampton Hospital, NY holds a great vision.

Yehya K. (BAU)

I had 6 weeks at Southampton Hospital. I was exposed to a wide range of patients and has the chance to do physical exams, write notes and discuss cases. Everyone was friendly. Morning reports, grand rounds and didactics day was very beneficial. Southampton added much to my clinical knowledge and experience.

Rayan I. (BAU)

John Hopkins Hospital, Maryland

Thanks a lot. Words can’t express enough how happy I am to read my final acceptance email for my month at John Hopkins. Thank you again.

Charbel S. (USJ)

Washington Specialty Hospital, DC

My clinical experiences were great to say the least. I really benefited a lot and gained valuable clinical and work experience. Through this experience I became a more mature and knowledgeable future medical doctor. I would like to thank the doctors whom I rotated with, LAMA/AMC, and most importantly both Dr. Saadeh for all the hard work they performed and for providing me with the best environment to learn and have a fruitful experience. It was a definite pleasure having to work the LAMA/AMC staff and would love to do that at any time.

Ahmad Y. (AUB)

LAMA/AMC impressed me with their efficient professional manner, an approach that not only inspired confidence, but also generated the results I was looking for. I wanted to do clinical rotations in the US, and I was confused about how, where, and which hospitals to apply for; until I heard about LAMA. By partnering with AMC, I was able to receive a letter of invitation from Specialty Hospital of Washington DC in a short period of time. Now that I finished my rotations, I found the program as described and even beyond my expectations. LAMA game me the opportunity to make connections with U.S. attending residents, and staff. The caring of LAMA was very assuring because of their sincere dedication. At last, I have to say I’ve partnered with the true leaders in the clinical rotation program, and I’d like to thank them for all the services and care I received. Thank you LAMA.

Rami H. (BAU)

It was a great experience to explore the American medical practice through LAMA. The rotation at Providence Hospital and at GW University Hospital gave me the chance to meet great prof. learning from them and getting very strong recommendation letters for my residency application.

Wissam R. (BAU Graduate)

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, New Jersey

On both rotations I was able to examine and take the history of several outpatient cases which really improved my clinical skills and helped me in my board exam . In addition , following us during each week was really important because it shows that there was follow up during my rotation which is an important contribution from your behalf .
Dr.Moises and Dr.Talib were both excellent teachers and excellent physicians that helped me to enrich my clinical experience as much as possible.

A.S. Naja (LAU)

It was a great experience especially with a famous doctor Dr. Kosc.
A day is divided into 2 parts:
-procedures like colonoscopy and EGD with discussion of cases
-clinic and outpatient visits, complaints follow-ups .
Dr kosc is not only an excellent medical Dr but he has also great feedback from his patients that tell me “he is the best or you are working with best” and explains whatever questions I have.

Johnny A. (LU)

First of all everything in my flight was very well organized. The medical assistance and cooperation of Dr. Jawad Saade was perfect and professional. He is a very caring person who offered his help in every single detail. In conclusion, the overall experience was great and your help LAMA is much appreciated.

Boutros Y. (Lebanese University)

It was a great experience overall. Dr. Matalkah was a great doctor; I had a great exposure to respiratory as well as sleep medicine. As for Dr. Khaddash, I was visiting his office on daily bases, I saw a lot of patients with him; we were able to cover a great part of endocrinology. He was so friendly and ready to discuss each case we saw. In brief, it was a good experience for me; I learned a lot and enjoyed my time. Thank you so much for that.

Munder A.A. (BAU)

Westchester Hospital, Miami

Concerning my clinical rotation, it was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I learned a lot from Dr. Suarez ‘s rounds and lectures . I practiced my English language since I am French educated. Dr. Suarez is a great doctor and tutor. Thank you Dr. Harb for this unique opportunity.

Nadia E. (USJ)

Chilton Memorial Hospital, New Jersey

The pathology lab at the hospital was one of the most exciting experiences in my life. The chairman is definitely one of the most amazing pathologists I have even been in contact with. He made my rotation very fruitful. It changed a lot of me on all levels; I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering continuing his residency here.

Siba E.H. (Lebanese University)

Thorek Hospital, Chicago

Dr. Friberg introduced me to the Physical medicine and Rehabilitation field. We were discussing everyday different topics. I had the chance to see a variety of cases with different presentation. He was educating me different ways for diagnosis: medical history, physical exam and diagnostic tools like Ultrasound and EMG (how to perform them and how to interpret them). In addition, I was sensitized to perform therapeutic in rehabilitation especially joint and muscular injections. In conclusion, it was a really good experience that enriches my medical knowledge and performance. The ambiance at the “Natural Health Clinic” is very satisfying with all the members working together as a one unit making me feels safe.

Nadim El. K (USJ Graduate)

Providence Hospital, DC

All in all I gained a lot of experience during this rotation.

Michele Ch. (USJ)

I want to tell you that this experience is irreplaceable. It was LAMA that made it possible.
I enjoyed Family Medicine program at Providence Hospital and was mainly satisfied because I had Hands on patient experience and not just an observership. I had the chance to talk, to deal with and to examine patients of different backgrounds.
Special thanks to you Ms. Nsouli for being so supportive.

Nourhan Ho. (UOB)

Both doctors were very nice over the duration of 8 weeks. They were professional and reflected a very positive attitude all throughout the rotation. I really enjoyed my experience. All in all, I would like to thank LAMA for everything they have done. Special thanks to Mrs Nazek and Mr Kamal. Their tremendous efforts and professionalism has made working with them very pleasant. I highly recommend LAMA and would be glad to have other future contracts with them.

Lilian Gh. (BAU))

The whole experience was excellent , very interesting getting to know the residents and other medical students and sharing experiences. The hospital staff , nurses and doctors are very nice and friendly ,and the hospital is in safe area. Thank you for everything LAMA!

Mahmoud El-H (LU)

For the final testimony after an 8 week experience, I can say that all the work with LAMA has been very good, from registration up until my return to Lebanon. All procedures were smooth and did not require time to finish and it was not at all complicated.
Thank you for this great experience and hoping to take other experiences with LAMA in the future

Kareem M. (BAU)

ill summarize everything from day 1 in a very honest way , at the beginning i found that LAMA ask For too much papers and Were so strict about rules and regulations and i wasn’t feeling well about this trip ,but i always used to ask some colleagues that traveled with LAMA and they used to tell me that it will be fine wait!. I traveled to the US day 1 of my rotation i was updated by the location and time of the clinic and i was there on time ! what was nice is that the doctor is reminded by LAMA that he has a student rotating with him which was obvious when i first entered the Clinic since the Doctor knew my name and my academic background ! i gained much experience and what was written in the contract was there and there was no faults from LAMA at All to be honest ! and every time we had a problem we used to Get back to Ms. Nazek who replied immediately on every email ! Thank you Ms Nazek for this amazing rotation , thank you for this chance ! We are looking forward to go with you in February for 1 month! Thank you For everything again and I will always contact you for any medical advice in future ! In advance, remember that my clinic is another house for LAMA employees !

Mohamad El-H (BAU)

It has been a wonderful experience working with LAMA. I got a 5 year American Visa due to the professional help you provided. The rotation fulfilled all my expectations. The doctors were very friendly and supportive. they let me examine and discussed cases with me all the time. When I could not participate in the examination, i was given a specific subject to prepare for which was very educational. All in all, i am very pleased to have worked with LAMA and i encourage any medical student who needs assistance in American Medical Exposure to do it through LAMA. Ask for Ms. Nsouli!

Hicham D. (BAU)

The hematology oncology rotation was great the attending physician had a lot of motivation in teaching us and we made use of every single moment in the domain.
Hopefully neurology will be the same. Thank you LAMA for this amazing experience and opportunity.

Kareem M. (BAU)

These 4 weeks have been one of the most productive and informative rotations I have passed through. I learned a lot in my hematology-oncology rotation with the Dr. at not only Providence but other hospitals and outer clinics.
I am looking forward for my next rotation.

Lilian Gh. (BAU)

It was a gr8 rotation the Dr is an amazing Dr and we gained a good experience with him ,Hands-on and. I want to thank LAMA for there continues support and help.

Mohamad El-H (BAU)

I enjoyed my rotation with Dr Jarrah, he is one of the best doctors I ever met, he gave me the opportunity to see in and out patients.
The hospital staff is IMG friendly. I feel that my clinical skills has improved, also I did learn how to communicate with American patients.
Concerning the US visa, it was approved from the first time for a duration of 5 years.
Finally, I would like to thank Mrs Nazek Nsouli and Mr kamal Joumaa for this great experience. And I would love to work with LAMA in the future.

Georges B. (LU)

In the Last 8 weeks I spent in Washington D.C. doing a clinical rotation in both neurology and nephrology departments at Providence hospital. I contacted Mrs. Nsouli about what LAMA can offer, the reply came back with such a heart filling warmth welcoming, and Mrs. Nsouli assisted and answered all the questions that I had at the point. In no time Mrs. Nsouli was able to get the two letters of invitation.
It was my pleasure to rotate with Dr. Peterson (Neurology), such a brilliant person and a great physician. Very inspiring 4 weeks, not only in neurology and medicine but in all aspects of science from chemistry to physics and even philosophy. I was able to gain knowledge in both theoretic and clinical neurology. Most of the time Dr. Peterson allowed me to be involved in almost all aspects of seeing and managing his patients under his supervision, and discussing the assessment and plan for every patient.
My Nephrology rotation, words will fail to describe the brilliancy and the enthusiasm that Dr. Bustos has. He is such a smart, enthusiastic, and nice person and physician to the extent the he has his own way to turn the most boring things into more interesting things that you will focus on and enjoy at the same time. Dr. Bustos is very interested in teaching the up to date guidelines for the varying topics. He usually offered me the opportunity to watch an online lectures that he has after the clinic hours are over and discussing them the following day. Also Dr. Bustos made me to rotate with some of his associates for few times to get a much more experiences in the different subspecialties within nephrology itself.
Mrs. Nsouli stayed in touch with me at least once a week to get the latest updates that were happing during my rotation, and this says how much LAMA and Mrs. Nsouli care about the applicants throughout every step.
In conclusion, this experience was very successful and fruitful, it made me more familiar with the American medical system and the way it operates, also it enhanced my analytic and critical thinking capacities and working in groups of different specialties and positions. At the end LAMA assisted in making this experience a real and a successful one.

A.Merza (BAU)

Dr was really helpful and friendly. I attended morning reports, discussions and examined every case coming to the dr’s clinic.
As for the second rotation, the dr will only let me see the new patients coming for colonoscopy screening but not his own old patients.
LAMA, you were a great help ..you made everything easy starting from the registration process along to the visa requirements were you helped me do and arrange every paper i need and insured that i know all the mistakes that i should avoid during my interview and finally all the paper work that i need to submit for the elective you helped me through your checklist.
All in all i had a great Clinical Experience with LAMA.

Housam El D.H (BAU)

This rotation went very well! The preceptor was very nice 👍👍 and I learnt so much from him! Very rich exposure. Thank you very much.

Rami M. (USEK)

Overall i can say that it was a good experience. What i loved much about LAMA is that everything was well organized since the day of contract agreement till now.
I will highly recommend you to all my friends.

Hind El-S (LU)

This week went great as usual. I scrubbed into many procedures and learned many concepts in surgery. Both rotations with both Drs were great.
They were both very hands on always made sure I was learning.
My experience with LAMA was excellent! Their system is very organized and extremely accessible. They helped me out with the visa tremendously and made sure to tell me the Do’s and Don’ts of the embassy interview. They also made sure my visa application had all the correct paperwork. They also made sure to contact me every week of my rotation and check if everything was going according to plan. Thank you Ms Nsouli. Thank you LAMA!

Hamza Al.D. (BAU)

LAMA assisted me in obtaining the VISA and till the last day of my rotation they are following up, by Mrs. Nazik, to make sure the rotation was going fine and I think the rotation was better than my expectations.
Appreciate your efforts.

Alaa K.(LU)

I was really satisfied both with the visa assistance and the Rotation experience I had. If someone asked me in person, I would highly recommend it.

J. H.(LU)

My experience with LAMA was great. From day 1 i entered the hospital, I was seeing patients and taking history and coming up with differential diagnosis and management.
I highly recommend LAMA to anyone who is considering a hands-on clinical elective.

Omar S. (AUB)

Dr Morrow is an amazing attending, he tries to involve the students rotating with him as much as possible, he wants them to learn, and he enjoys teaching. He tried to keep us busy between clinics and OR cases, and he sometimes gave us topics to prepare and present. Case discussions were also was quite nice. Whenever we got a chance to, we were able to scrub in and assist the general surgery cases.

Karin K. (LAU)

Dr Farboud was very hands-on
He made sure he taught me every time even if he was busy.
Saw many colonoscopies and endoscopies with him Overall an excellent rotation Thank you

Hamza A.D (BAU)

“The time I had spent at Dr. Jarrah’s clinic was extremely educational. I had spent a total of four weeks there, and each one was a new educational experience. This elective was the first of 5 that i had spent in the United States and I am glad it was. During the first two weeks I was observing what patient interaction is like in his practice, something that is entirely different from Lebanon and the two weeks following I was given the opportunity to interview and examine patients on my own, even without the supervision of the doctor. The patient encounter did not end there, because once the interview aspect was over Dr. Jarrah would include me in his thought process on coming up with ta management plan that is unique to every patient. I am very satisfied with this rotation and glad that I had been able to meet and learn from this great individual.”

Samir A. (LAU) IM

“My experience rotating with Dr. Sethi was more or less the same. While he does not have as large a patient population as Dr. Jarrah, it was in no way less educational. I was lucky enough to rotate with Dr. Sethi while he was the on-call physician so I was exposed to a variety of inpatient situations, ones that are do not occur in Lebanon so it was an eye-opening experience. During my hours rotating with him at his clinic I learned a lot of information concerning Hematology & Oncology that I had not known before. This was an experience that I will not forget, and which had made me hope that all attending are as passionate about education as Dr. Sethi”

Samir A. (LAU) Hem-Onc

Providence hospital has a friendly environment and it was a good experience. Thank you a lot Dr Saade. You were very supportive and you made me feel better many times just talking to me over the phone. I am pretty sure you are a great person and I hope I meet you someday soon.

Edmond Y. (UOB)

I rotated with Dr. Ramin Farboudmanesch for four weeks from 7/6/15 to 7/31/15. I saw a high load of patients per day and they were divided between inpatient care and outpatient care. The cases that I saw almost covered everything in gastroenterology, from the most common disorders such as GERD and bloating to some very rare disorders such as carcinoid tumors and GIST. After each encounter we used to sit for few minutes and discuss all the details about the patients, especially the management. I was asked me to prepare a topic daily in gastroenterology to discuss the next day. Topics preparation was a combination of the literature and the clinical experience.
I got to see many EGDs and colonoscopies. We discussed the indications, the contraindications, the complications, and the alternatives for each procedure in details. I also had the chance to attend several ERCPs and discussed the technique used in details.
It was a great learning experience. He was friendly, supportive, caring, and used constructive critics to motivate me. It was a real pleasure rotating with him. I want to thank him for his time.

Toni S. (AUB)

I am really satisfied by the rotation, as I am sharing the medical team the experience and the exposure on the floors along with having a good idea about the work in a physician’s office. Moreover, this rotation is improving my clinical skills in terms of reviewing the work up and the chart of a patient admitted to the hospital and the required plan of management. Thank you in advance.

Mohamad A. (BAU)

I am feeling quite sad that it had to end so soon, it went by really quickly and I had a great time. It was so much better than what I had in mind, everyone was so nice. Providence is a really good hospital for IMGs, I am glad it happened. I would like to thank you for your time and care. You guys at LAMA were of great help..

Antoine B. (USEK)

I would like to thank you for the advice to take the rotation at the Providence hospital, DC. It is a great opportunity to build up a relation with Dr. Jarrah that would make the match easier in the future. The Rotation is excellent.

Wissam R. (BAU Graduate)

George Washington Hospital, DC

My clinical experiences were great to say the least. I really benefited a lot and gained valuable clinical and work experience. Through this experience I became a more mature and knowledgeable future medical doctor. I would like to thank the doctors whom I rotated with, LAMA/AMC, and most importantly both Dr. Saadeh for all the hard work they performed and for providing me with the best environment to learn and have a fruitful experience. It was a definite pleasure having to work the LAMA/AMC staff and would love to do that at any time.

Ahmad Y. (AUB)

J’avais auparavent fait des rotations d’observation dans differents hopitaux aux Etats-unis (observership). Grace a AMC/LAMA, j’ai eu l’occasioin de faire un stage pratique avec un Neurologue hautement considere a Washington DC. J’ai eu l’occasioin d’examiner ses patients dans ses differentes cliniques ainsi que dans diferents hôpitaux De plus, par cette rotation j’ai pu etablir des liens avec des directeurs de programmes de residanat dans differents hopitaux parmi lesquels je cite George Washington Hospital. En general, c’etait une experience profitable, inoubliable.

Elias S. (USEK)

Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago

The ER has 30 beds, there’s a very big turnover of patients, it’s a very hands on rotation. The ER attending’s work in shifts of 8 hours, and I was able to work with 2 different attending’s. I used to come to the ER whenever one of these 2 attending’s had a shift.
The rotation at Bon Secours Hospital is a true elective, I was responsible for seeing the patient first, taking a history and a physical exam, I would then report back to the attending, we would discuss the case and its management.
I was also able to suture whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Karin K. (LAU)

It was great, all was good!

A.Chami (AUB)

Bon Secours Hospital, Maryland

If i can sum up this whole month i can say it was a great experience. The staff was really amazing including dr chandra he was so nice and took care of me and taught me a lot ..
Definetly you guys helped me a lot and encouraged me to do the next elective with you ..
Thank you so much for all the help !!!
And specially to you Ms nsouli !!

Mahmoud H. (LU)

Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Maryland

The rotation was extremely helpful in many ways. It allows you to directly interact with patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. From day one, I was able to interview and examine patients on my own both in the hospital and the clinics, as well as, to come up with management plans for the patients that I used to discuss with my preceptor.

Karim D. (LAU)

I benefited a lot and gained valuable clinical experience in this rotation.
I would like to thank LAMA for all the support and hard work. LAMA made every step easier.

The medical stuff at BWMC were nice and friendly. I was comfortable working with them.
The time I had spent at Dr. Ambi’s clinic was extremely educational. I was given the opportunity to interview and examine patients on my own, even without the supervision of the doctor. The patient encounter did not end there, because once the interview aspect was over Dr. Ambi would include me in his thought process on coming up with the management plan.

Ibrahim A. (USJ)

LAMA really helped me for getting a clinical clerkship in the US. The process was made easy and LAMA really helped with all the work and process needed. They were very professional and took care of every single detail. The US experience was great and went well.

Thank you LAMA for your help.

Joeffroy O. (USJ)

My rotation involved presentations of forensic pathology case via PowerPoint, career guidance and support from my preceptors, and a test to show how much I’ve really learned over the past 4 weeks; overall a wonderful experience”. My total summary of LAMA experience was spectacular. A lot of professionalism and efforts. All up to expectations and more. Highly recommended.

Saeddine E. (LAU)

Concerning my experience with LAMA, I definitely recommend it to all other medical students. Nazek, you were very clear while Contract Agreement Signature, communications and weekly follow-up were at time and assured the bounding, the rotation was pretty interesting and the Visa assistance turned successful. Thank you for offering me such opportunity to get into the US health-care system.

Mary-Joe -D (LU)

Overall it was a good experience that helped me to discover the US medical system more and to face and manage new cases in Internal Medicine!
The preceptor was somewhat strict but I end up learning many things from him and from his patients! So this was definitely a big plus for my clinical experience!

Rami M. (USEK)

Thank you for your emails Mrs. Nazek. I had a great experience in Hematology and Oncology for 1 month at University of Maryland – Baltimore Washington Medical Center. The doctors and nurses were so kind and helpful. I have learned a lot from Dr. DeLuca. He is a great doctor. Thank LAMA for this opportunity!

M. Basbous (LU)

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