Visa Testimonials

The Visa assistance meeting was very helpful. It made the interview much easier as all the questions I was asked were expected. Thank you LAMA.

Badiee M. (BAU)

Because of LAMA, I was secured in an elective in Family Medicine Department in one of the hospitals of my choice. I wish I knew about it Earlier. They have great contacts that will assist in getting an elective in any specialty, and they insure to make it happen. The application process was smooth and only few required documents Yes, I was found eligible for the visa and got it from my first attempt. Choosing LAMA was the right choice. They are professional, dedicated, and punctual. Thank you LAMA, Thank you Ms. Nsouli for this opportunity.

Nourhan H. (UOB)

It was a very smooth process, informative and straight to the point. I was granted my visa from the first attempt! Thank you Ms. Nsouli.

Petra AH. (LAU)

The Process was very smooth. Interview lasted a couple minutes for very little questions were asked and none of the paperwork I brought along were checked, we were granted acceptance directly. Thank you for your professionalism.

Odei A. (LAU)

The visa assistance was perfect, no problems and was found eligible from my first attempt. The rehearsal was of great help to me, and I highly recommend everyone willing to apply for a clerkship in the states to register and apply via LAMA.

A.K. Makkawi (BAU)

With LAMA, getting a visa to the US was a lot easier than I expected. LAMA team members will guide you in every step in a professional and confident manner. I’m looking forward to register for more services with this association in the future.

Georges B. (LU)

I would like to thank LAMA for assisting me in the visa process; everything went very well and i got the visa. Thank you Nazek for the tips and advice!!

R. Waked (USJ)

LAMA has been a great support through their professional and qualified team during my visa process, they made it a lot easier and alerted me to a lot of mistakes that could cause visa rejection.

Houssam El Dine H. (BAU)

The whole experience was excellent , overcrowded with medstudents but still it was very interesting getting to know them and sharing experiences. The hospital staff , nurses and doctors are very nice and friendly ,and the hospital is in safe area. Thank you for everything.

M. El Hussein (LU)

My last week is going well. Overall i can say that it was a good experience. What i loved much about LAMA is that everything was well organized since the day of contract agreement till now. I will highly recommend you to all my friends.

H. Soufi (LU)

” LAMA helped me thoroughly with the US visa; they made sure my application was suitable and they trained me beforehand for the interview. They were a great help. I was approved for the US Visa from my first attempt”.

Hamza A.D. (BAU)

LAMA made the visa process smoother and an easier; starting from the online application to the Embassy Interview. Thanks a lot. And thank you Nazik!

Alaa K. (LU)

The visa procedure was very easy and smooth, I was ready for anything they might have asked during the interview thanks to LAMA.

Sarah N. (USJ)

Rehearsal and instructions were very helpful, and prepares you for all types of scenarios. Visa interview was smoother than i expected it would be, and you won’t get in trouble as long as you follow instructions.

Ghaith Z. (LAU)

My experience with LAMA has been very pleasant. They provided me with the appropriate information and aid that was required to get through the process of applying for an elective rotation. As for the Visa, the embassy interview was a breeze and I was approved on my first try, all thanks to Dr.Harb’s guidance during the rehearsal. I would like to thank Mrs.Nazek Nsouli for her constant help and follow up during the entire process, through answering any questions or doubts that I had, and providing me with helpful feedback. I would recommend LAMA’s services to every medical student seeking a chance to get into the states whether it be for an elective or for medical residency.

Saad A.H. (BAU)

I was granted the U.S. visa. Thank you Nazek, Dr. Harb, and Mr. Kamal for all the help regarding my visa.

Mohamad S. (Trinity School of Medicine)

My experience with LAMA was overall satisfactory. Concerning the assistance for the visa application, Kamal was helpful and provided guidance throughout the steps. Moreover, Dr. Harb gave some useful tips on how the interview should go; which was handful. Then I got the visa!!

Jamal S. (UOB)

The Visa application process was smooth and simple. LAMA employees were present, knowledgeable and very helpful during the whole process. Thank you.

Karin K. (LAU)

After applying for the student visa at the US embassy in Beirut, I unfortunately found myself being declined due to incorrect paperwork, which did not describe my case correctly that led to the misinterpretation of my student status in the eyes of the consulate in the US embassy. Luckily I was pointed to the right direction, LAMA. I contacted them to inquire if there was any solution for my problem. I contacted LAMA (through email), and was surprised by the prompt reply which I received from the beginning of my journey. After meetings with the representatives of LAMA , the solution of my problem was then revealed. I applied again for the student visa, correctly with the clear guidance of LAMA. I received the amazing news of my acceptance for the visa. All of this was possible thanks to the quick and clear assistance that was provided to me by LAMA.

Adham F. (Trinity School of Medicine)

LAMA helped me with the preparation of my visa from A-Z. Dr. Harb also scheduled an interview rehearsal 1 day prior to the actual interview and together discussed all the questions that could be asked. The actual interview was very smooth and my visa was accepted, I received the Visa for a 5 years duration. Thank you.

Toni S. (LAU)

LAMA helped me with the Visa application and Dr Harb gave me a lot of advices for my Visa interview. It went smooth and I got it from the first attempt.

Mohamad S. (USJ)

LAMA helped me in proceeding with my visa application and the interview rehearsal with Dr Harb was very helpful in guiding me to get the visa in the smoothest and smartest way. Thank you LAMA Team. “I got a 5 years visa”

Wassim A. (USJ)

Dr. Harb helped me a lot in the visa application. I was granted a 5 year duration visa to USA.

Michel F. (Balamand)

My visa application process was profoundly easy to fill out and proceed with. The interview rehearsal was truthfully bound with pure intentions and straight-forward. I was granted the US Visa for five years.

Yehya El K. (BAU)

LAMA helped me with my visa application and through an interview rehearsal with Dr. Harb. Visa was very easy and smooth; I got it through the first attempt for 5 years.

Hussein T. (BAU)

Concerning my visa application procedure, it was very smooth going from filling the online application to acquiring the visa and all of this was guided by Dr. Harb.

Boutros Y. (LU)

I applied to the visa on September 1st and got an appointment on October 16th, on October 14th I had the interview rehearsal with Dr. Harb. And finally I got a 5 years visa.

Soumaya H. (BAU)

LAMA helped me in processing my visa application. Dr. Harb sat with me for an interview rehearsal before my embassy interview. Finally I got my visa for 5 years.

Zahed C. (BAU)

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